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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

All Patients treating at RX-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic require a prescription for HBOT.

If you do not have a prescription, you may request one from your primary care physician or referring provider. 

If needed our medical director will provide a prescription after a consultation to ensure safe and effective treatment is being provided for your individual needs. There is a $100 fee associated with this service.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Starts at $150 for a 60 minute treatment at 1.5 ATA -1.75 ATA

Treatment in our facility is overseen by our Certified Hyperbaric Technologists with advanced training from the International Board of Underseas Medicine and provided in FDA approved Hyperbaric Chambers. 

Treatment at pressures higher than 2.0 ATA may be required to achieve your goals and has an added cost of only $25 per session. 

Patients in our clinic treat with 100% medical grade Oxygen provided via mask, nasal cannula or even with an Oxygen hood. Patients get to choose the most comfortable means of treatment.

At RX-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic we believe in providing options for your treatment. Weather you want to treat in one of our Monoplace chambers or a Multiplace walk-in chamber, we have the ability to fit your needs. Patients requiring assistance, wheelchair access or even a gurney, we are here for you and are committed to providing the highest level of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy safely. 


Package Pricing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy often requires a series of treatments and as such we offer affordable packages with discounts on 20 and 40 treatments.

Packages do not expire for a full year, ensuring you will have time to heal correctly with HBOT.

  • 20 Treatment Packages - Provides 10% off, saving $300
  • 40 Treatment Packages - Provides 15% off, saving $900

*Treatment packages must be purchased in advance to provide savings.


Maintenance Membership

After completing your provider recommended Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment plan it can often be beneficial to continue treatment on on a maintenance schedule. Patients may opt for 1 - 2 treatments a week and will pay a greatly reduced cost by signing up for HBOT Membership.

Membership can reduce cost more than 50%

*Membership is reserved for patients who have already completed a treatment plan here at Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic

**Membership automatically renews monthly and requires a 2 month commitment